Monday, June 11, 2012

Theodore's Trip to ER

I can't remember why but Tammy and Regina decided to come over for a visit on Saturday, February 18th. John had taken the van to a camp out with the scouts so I was by myself and grateful for the distraction. We were all just visiting and playing with the kids, I might have been in the kitchen doing something I can't remember. When all a sudden I hear a loud crack and Theodore doing his i-can't-breathe cry. Regina saw it happen, there is a foot gap in between the couch and our china cabinet, he had jumped off the couch arm into the gap [something he's done many times] but this time his head hit the side of the cabinet. She immediately grabbed him and was bringing him to me as I was heading over to her. Then she said, "He's bleeding." As it was all over her arm and all over the back of his head. I take him to the bathroom and put his head in the sink and start cleaning it off. Then I start freaking out because it was pretty deep and I knew a trip to the ER couldn't be avoided. I called Papa to take me because I didn't have a key to John's car. (I had almost asked him the night before to make sure he left it (spirit) but of course I forgot.) OH yeah and the fact that Tammy and Regina were there when it happened was a huge blessing too because they were able to babysit the other kids while we went. 
Here we are in the waiting room. Luckily the blood stopped flowing pretty quick and he had calmed down before we even got in Papa's truck (something he is scared of anyways). He was a trooper though and knew it was the only car to get him to the doctor. It was about an inch and a quarter long and a quarter inch deep. You can tell it needed stitches because it is hanging wide open. 

So in the waiting room we was climbing all over the chairs and being a normal active boy and I kept telling him... "No more Theodore jumping off the couch." 
Here is a link to the video of him racing in the waiting room. 
And here is a video of him singing, 'no more monkey's jumping on the bed'.
They had me hold a topical anesthetic to his head and I had to hold it there for 15 minutes. After a few minutes I just had him lay on it though.

But then the doctor never came back....

When he found out he was asleep he caught up on a little more paperwork and then came in and said, "I hate to wake him, but lets get it done." I said, "OK, lets do it." Papa held his legs, I held his arms and the doctor held his head. He put 4 staples in, then asked if he could do one more. I said "That's fine but can I take a picture?" I'm so warped, I wanted to be there for his circ too. 

Pour little guy was crying so hard.

Here it is after the nurse gooped it up with neosporin.

He handled it really well and learned to sleep on his side. The only time it really bothered him was in his car seat or during diaper changes. Michael was Star of the Week the next week so we took all the kids in and his whole class was very curious about Theodore's staples. The last week of school I brought Theodore with me again for a party and one of the kids was looking at his head trying to find the staples. I said, "Oh he doesn't have them anymore but here is his scar." I thought that was funny. 

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